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The Borough of Allentown, is a small historic village located in central New Jersey. It's located around the Mill Pond and along Doctor's Creek and Indian Run (believed to be part of the underground Railway). The village was originally settled in the 17th Century. Like most country villages in colonial days, Allentown developed around its mills. As the farms in the area grew, so did the need for blacksmith shops, wheelwrights, carriage makers, chair makers, shoemakers, seamstresses and tailors. By the end of the 18th Century more than 24 commercial enterprises existed within the village boundaries. The Borough of Allentown was and is today a center for travel across New Jersey. Main Street was a main route of travel from the Amboy's Port to Burlington during the 18th Century. Allentown has produced from its residents, six United State Congressman, a New Jersey Governor, a governor of the Washington Territory and the first Chief Justice of New Jersey, who was also a signer of the U.S. Constitution. There are currently 220 buildings and homes in the village that date prior to 1860. The Borough of Allentown continues to be a strong regional village providing employment opportunities, a variety of housing choices, is centrally located and is able to provide public services. Today, Allentown strives to maintain it's past history while attempting to offer the best in unique community living.

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Important Notice Regarding Historic Streetscape Improvements to Begin on or About May 26, 2015

Main Street Municipal Parking Lot Site Plan

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Emergency Contact #’s
PSE&G- 1-800-436-7734 for power outages.

Police, First Aid or Fire emergency dial 911
Water emergency -H2o Services 609-259-8888

Any questions, please call Borough Hall at (609) 259 3151.

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